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Clean and Organise Your PC

Is your PC / Windows based computer running slow? If so, there are a few utilities built right in to the Windows operating system that can help this problem. They are the Disk Cleanup, and the Defragment and Optimize Drives features. They can help you keep your computer clean and organized.

It is a good idea to think of your PC as an office. It stores files, programs, pictures. This can be compared to an actual office’s files, machines and decorations. The operating system is the boss. With this image in mind, think of an office you’ve visited that was slow and inefficient. There were probably many different reasons for the inefficiency. This is the same with a computer. There can be many items that slow down your computer. Perhaps the one most commonly overlooked is disorganization and clutter.

Disk Cleanup

An office can accumulate a lot of unnecessary files, machines, and decorations. This is the same with your computer. One of the best ways to keep this clutter under control is to perform a cleaning utility periodically. In Windows this cleaning utility will be called a “disk cleanup.” It removes a variety of unnecessary files depending on the options you have selected.

To perform a disk cleanup on Windows 10:

  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. In the list of programs / apps, scroll down to Windows Administrative Tools
  3. Click on the option, Disk Cleanup
  4. Choose the drive to clean up, usually the “c drive”
  5. Click into the boxes for Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Files, and Thumbnails
  6. Click on the OK button

Now, performing a disk cleanup is not very time consuming, just a couple minutes, and it may save more time in the end by making your computer run faster. However, a disk cleanup should be run periodically rather than just once in a great while. One way to make this run periodically is to make it a scheduled task. This will allow your computer to run it automatically with intervals and time of day determined by you. Yet, you can always run it yourself periodically without creating a scheduled task.

If you’ve not cleaned out your Recycle Bin or Trash for a while, you can use the Disk Cleanup tool to do so.

Defragment and Optimize Drives

Many offices contain a large number of files and programs that are valuable and cannot be thrown away. In fact, they may contain files that are not even used, but still have to be retained for some reason. Although these files must remain in the office, they need to be organized. This is why we create file folders that hold groups of files that are related. Than we store them in cabinets that are arranged in alphabetic order.

In a computer, the files that are saved are placed on the hard drive. However, they are placed according to the time that they were saved. So, if you open a word document and save the file as “file A” and than open another document and save it as “file B”, you have a “file A” placed next to “file B.” This is fine, but if you open “file A” later on and save it again, than the added information is saved next to “file B.”

When files are broken up this way it is referred to as a fragmented file. This means that the computer must find the first part of the file and then find the second part of the file to open that one word document. This can make your computer run slower. However, Windows has created a utility that is meant to rearrange files so that they are no longer fragmented but sit right next to each other.

To run the disk deframentation:

  1. Click on the Start menu
  2. In the list of programs / apps, scroll down to Windows Administrative Tools
  3. Click on the option, Disk Defragmenting and Optimizing Drives
  4. Choose the drive you wish to optimise, usually the “c drive”
  5. Click on the Optimize button

Before starting the defragmenter you can analyze your hard drive to see if Windows recommends performing the defragmenter. It will either say that you should or should not defragment at this time. It may take your computer a while to finish this task depending on the speed of your computer and the amount of defragmented files. However, you can still use the computer while the disk defragmenter is working.

You can also schedule this tool to run regularly so that your computer is working optimially at all times.

As most of the team at Bauhinia Solutions use PCs, we believe that a Mac’s operating system functions differently and you may not need such functions if you’re a Mac user.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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