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Choosing Your Business Colours

When thinking about your business in terms of your corporate identity or logo, have you given much thought to colour or specific tones?  Ideally the colours should reflect the type of business you operate.  The colour or colours chosen are the personality of your business and must be clearly identifiable in all forms of media whether online or print.

Colours, like flowers, carry their own meanings and although when we choose our colours we may not consciously consider these, it is interesting to know the meanings behind them.

  • Black – power, elegance, mystery
  • White – innocence, purity, perfection
  • Purple – luxury, extravagance, creativity
  • Green – growth, harmony, freshness
  • Blue – stability, trust, intelligence
  • Yellow – happiness, energy, joy
  • Red – desire, strength, love
  • Pink – feminine, soft, innocence
  • Orange – success, enthusiasm, determination

A resources for everything you need to know about colours, their meanings and the many colour combinations is Canva’s colour design wiki.

Selecting the colours you wish to represent your business can be difficult as you want to be confident that you are conveying the right impression.  The use of too many colours could result in a busy or unbalanced look.  Limit the colour palette you wish to work with to maintain the style and the personality of your business.

Knowing your potential customers as well will, or at the very least, should affect the final colours you choose.  If you opt for a rich splash of pink on every page, know that this will not inspire men to shop at your store or use your services.  Strong colours or contrasts may prove to be less popular with the older generation however will draw a much younger audience who are inspired by new trends.

Another issue that many websites seem to overlook is the actual text and background colour of the site.  Many colours when used together can impair readability and this can be daunting for your visitors.

Note: There is no need to stress over your colour choice unnecessarily.  Often the above mentioned information is taken into account on a more subconscious level and is already reflected in your chosen set of colours. Once you’re ready, the next step is to discuss your business colours with a graphic designer who has branding experience. They will be able to ensure your colours work well together and represent you, and your business.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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