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Chinese New Year eCard Design for Orca Capital

As part of our ongoing administration support, we sometimes find ourselves being asked to design client’s marketing materials. In some cases we will do the design ourselves or we organise for a Graphic Designer to work with the client.

Client Request:

Each year, our client asks us to create an eCard that she can send to her clients. She sends one out at Christmas and one at Chinese New Year.

Our Support:

For each card we create we consider the time of the year and for Chinese New Year, we look up the Chinese New Year animal sign and its meaning. Then we design something that represents the business and the theme of the card.

For our clients Chinese New Year 2014 ecard we were heading into the Year of the Wooden Horse so our Graphic Designer, Linda created an eCard that had an horse jumping through a capital O (for Orca Capital).

Chinese New Year eCard

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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