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Can Social Networking Affect Search Ranking?

Well the year is almost over and it will soon be time to assess the way we do our business in the New Year.  However before we enter 2014, I thought it prudent to look at whether social networking actually has any influence on a company’s search ranking.  Many business owners spend so much time promoting their business and networking across Twitter and Facebook and other similar sites, but does it actually help us in terms of our placement.  And in short the answer I discovered was a surprising, yes it does.

Did you know that your status on Twitter can actually affect where your page appears in a particular web search?  Twitter pages which have more of a higher page ranking show more authority when they post a link than say someone with a lower page ranking.  Saying that, now is not the time to spend all of your time on Twitter trying to raise your page ranking as Google actually looks at over 200 signals when assessing all the information.

Google also monitor the links shared through Facebook either on personal wall pages or fan pages.  While the parameters they use are constantly, it just goes to show that if you are serious about the marketing of your business, then it is worth concentrating on as many areas as you can.

This social information is not only being used by Google but by Bing as well.  Bing have admitted that they do see valuable content shared by particular users however of course they only get the public information, not what is shared privately between friends.

While the above information may not change the way you use these platforms, it may however make you think twice about the links you are putting out there to your readers.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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