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Blog Management and Writing

While many of our clients are solo business owners, we also work with micro businesses with no more than five in their team. In most cases, we support these clients with something specific because it is what is missing within their team, and they don’t need to hire a full time person to support them.

Client Request:

In this work example, we support a boutique tech company where we provide part-time support to their Marketing Manager. We were asked to manage their blog.

Our Support:

Our blog management support includes maintaining the blog schedule, requesting posts to be written by the team, proofreading and editing the posts, sourcing images, making posts SEO compliant and monitoring comments. Our client’s Client Manager is also responsible for writing some posts in which she is credited for the work. Given the industry our client is in, the posts are focused on current tech issues and developments.

When a client has a planned blog schedule, it makes it much easier for us to manage (and write content, if needed) for their blog.

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There are many ways we can assist you with your business administration or marketing needs. Feel free to schedule a call with Nicole and explore how we can support you.

Written by: Nicole Graham


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