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The Benefits of Online Booking Systems

Is there anything more irritating then playing phone tag with a potential customer? Or sending multiple emails back and forth between a colleague, just trying to find a time that suits you both?
If you can relate to these frustrations, an online booking system might be exactly what you need.

What is an Online Booking System?

It is software that allows you to organize appointments and meetings in an efficient and easy way. Whole companies can use it for internal purposes and it can be used externally between clients too.
The technology in online booking systems allow you to set your availability preferences and customize invitation links to schedule a time with your intended recipient. You are able to provide the recipient with options of a time date and time that suits both of you as well as the duration of the appointment. Either 60, 30, or 15 minutes for the meeting.

Good booking systems will allow you to designate a buffer period of time between appointments so that you have time to breathe in between meetings.

What to Look for in an Online Booking System

Since there are many different online booking systems to choose from, it’s best to know exactly what you need so you can choose the right one for you. Many of the best systems available will have a combination of these important features:

1. Flexibility: Sometimes things happen and meeting times need to be adjusted. A good online booking system will allow your customers to reschedule and cancel appointments without having to contact you directly.

2. Customization: The best online booking systems will allow you to set personalized calendar parameters. These include things like booking times, meeting duration, members attending, and unavailable or blocked off time periods. You also want to be able to customize the scheduling page as well as any automated messages that go out so they are in line with your brand voice.

3. Calendar Integration: A tool that will automatically send reminders to you and your meeting partners is extremely beneficial and can save so much frustration. Many tools are also able to send messages via text and email.

4. Business Tool Integration: The tool should allow you to feature your booking link in the places that are convenient for you and your customers. These can include your website, social profiles, blog etc. It’s also important that other calendar types and business applications are able to integrate with the booking system. This allows for a fully integrated business system.


The benefits outweigh a game of email ping pong, or telephone tag.

1. Neat and Tidy Schedules

With the ability to integrate with email software like Outlook, Google, and Office 365, many online booking systems are able to check in with other calendars to avoid messy diaries. The tool can avoid any scheduling conflicts or double-bookings.

2. Easy to Use

Most of the popular online booking systems like Calendly, youcabook.me etc are convenient and intuitive. The software will automatically add or remove events to your calendar, allowing for seamless scheduling. The user experience is usually fuss-free and intuitive with convenient features like the ability to add custom reminders and confirmations to invitees.

3. Device Optimization

The best booking systems will be completely optimized across most devices. These include desktops, tablets, and phones. You shouldn’t have to deal with any compatibility issues which will save a lot of heartache and frustration.

4. Time Saving

Clients will be happy as they can schedule their appointments at a time they know is convenient for you both. It takes away all the back and forth of calls and emails as well as any embarrassing scheduling conflicts or forgotten appointments.

In conclusion

One of the best ways for any business to increase productivity is by using an online booking system. In addition to increasing efficiency and productivity, you can also benefit from decreased phone tag, cutting down on emails, happy customers, and increased customer satisfaction.

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Written by: Rivky Ryder


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