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Benefits of Cloud-Based Project Management Systems

I’ve always been a bit of an early adopter when it comes to technology. If a good software solution can turn a complicated process into an efficient system, I’m open to exploring it. I actually started my business journey this way – by teaching business owners how to use computer software like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I also ran courses on Business Blogging, before people truly understood the benefits of blogging. That was circa 2006/2007.

As Bauhinia expanded, I realised spreadsheets were no longer an effective way to manage a client’s support. We needed to level up and implement a project management system that allowed multiple team members to create tasks lists, track their time, and do this for multiple clients. We also needed the project management system to be cloud-based, easy to use, and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Based on my 15 years of business experience, here are seven benefits of incorporating a cloud-based project management solution into your business:

1. Establishes Responsibility

Running an efficient project means everyone knows their roles and what is expected of them at all times. A good project management solution ensures that roles are clearly defined and assigned, with no question who is responsible for what. I leave absolutely nothing to chance.

2. Centralises the To-Do-List

I commend anyone who takes the time to make a to-do-list, however, a to-do-list is not a once off task. It is a dynamic thing that needs to be revised on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Our client’s needs are ever changing and we need to keep on top of those changes. By implementing cloud-based project management systems, the to-do-lists can be kept up to date and continuously helpful.

3. Delegating Work Easily

Once you have a clear idea of the tasks ahead, you can easily delegate to the appropriate team members. Often, business owners will call on their team only when they are needed. This often results in ‘emergency calls’ or overloading one team member while others are under-utilized. I have found that by clearly identifying what needs to be done, it is a lot easier to designate which team member can tackle which tasks well ahead of time. This way, team members know what is expected of them and when they will be needed, so that they can prepare themselves and manage their time better. I’ve found that this approach will often deliver better results.

4. Centralises Documentation

Just as a to-do-list needs to be kept updated as the project runs, so does the accompanying documentation. Depending on the project, there can be reams of documents that if lost, could be devastating. I’ve witnessed this and it’s not fun for anyone involved.

Keeping all supporting documents centralized and up-to-date allows team members to access and view documents from anywhere and necessary adjustments can be made as things evolve. It’s efficient and convenient to keep all documentation in the cloud, not to mention environmentally friendly.

5. Reduces Meetings and Increases Productivity

If all the documentation is kept up-to-date, there is less need for status meetings within the team. Everyone can monitor the progress of the project online without the interruptions of constant meetings and discussions. I’ve noticed that often, what gets accomplished in an hour-long meeting could have been achieved in a 2-minute email. The goal is to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Cloud based project management solutions do just that.

6. Increases the Chance of Success

With the foundations of a really solid project management system underfoot, team members will be acutely aware of their responsibilities and what is expected of them. If they are updating the documents they’ve been assigned it will be easy to assess time spent, productivity, and looming deadlines as well as being able to spot and iron out any impending issues before they become a problem. It is best to be proactive rather than reactive wherever possible.

7. Provides a Framework for Similar Projects in the Future

I’ve not spoken to anyone who has implemented a project management system, and want to return to their old school way of operating. It is important to implement a new system correctly otherwise, it can change the game entirely. Once you have mastered the framework for a particular project, it will be easy to make use of the same framework for similar projects. This speeds up the whole process and sets you way ahead of the curve.

In Summary…

I can’t emphasize the benefits of a cloud -based project management system enough. Being a hands-on business owner doesn’t have to mean doing everything. In fact, that’s often the biggest mistake new entrepreneurs make. I had to learn how to delegate and it allowed me time to focus on the growth of my business – working ON my business not IN it.
If you are feeling overwhelmed and could use some project management guidance, please reach out to me. I can show you how to implement technology into your business so it can become a rewarding asset.

Written by: Nicole Graham


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