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Assistance for a Managing Director

While we are known for working with SMEs and business owners, the opportunity pops up every now and then where we get to support an excutive within a multi-national company (MNC). There can be a number of reasons why we support these executives, and it could include no head count to employ someone, yet they can bring in a contractor, or they travel extensively and their teams are located regionally. In this situation, it was the latter.

Client Request:

Our client is the Managing Director of Asia and prior to COVID he travelled extensively across Asia. Hong Kong is his home base. There isn’t a need to have a full-time Executive Assistant as they run a lean operation with head quarters out of the UK. Instead, he utilised our Part-time Executive Assistance services. Unfortunately due to the pandemic and the limited travel options, he no longer needed our support.

Our Support:

We supported our client for approximately 30 hours per month. The support he needed included email and calendar management, along with travel organisation and processing of expenses.

Email Management: we managed his email by flagging emails for his attention, responding to those where we could, and filing other emails into their appropriate folders. This allowed for the client to have a lean inbox with key emails for viewing, and easy access to others in his email folders.

Calendar Management: we managed his busy calendar by scheduling his regular meetings, keeping track of his travel, and updating changes when their arose. For the regular meetings, we organised with his team, and accepted/declined meeting requests based on his availability and priorities. As he was travelling and meeting people across Asia and the UK, we had to be conscious of time zones, and the urgency or importance of meetings. This means open communication, and trust in his Assistant’s capabilities.

Travel Management: our client planned ahead, and while there were last minute changes, in most cases we could organise his travels a month in advance. We’d work with the preferred company travel agent to book his flights, accommodation, and transportation. We understood his preferences, organise payment, and ensure all details were in his calendar and trip planner app for easy access.

Processed Expenses and Holiday Requests: once the trip was complete, we’d input the client’s expenses with receipts into the company’s accounting system. This included flights, accommodation, local transport, meals, etc. We’d also manage holiday requests and the approval for the client’s team members. This would be updated in his calendar.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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