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Another Six Blogging Tips

In our last post we discussed shared six blogging tips to get you started and maintaining motivation to write is one of the hardest aspects about blogging.  Here are another six tips which you can utilise to help make regular blog writing easier which will ultimately assist your desire your write.

1.  Maintain Focus

It is important to stay focussed on your writing and one great way is to write up a schedule to fit in with your lifestyle and your blogging plans.  If you blog twice a week then schedule three sessions during your week to write your posts leaving one extra session to refine your posts as necessary.  Try to schedule them during your quieter moments or when the kids are asleep avoiding times when you may not be at your best to write.

2.  Stay Ahead

To stay motivated it is best to write ahead – by a week or two – scheduling your posts as you go.  Finding the motivation to write when your post is due or if you are sick or overtired will add untold pressure to your writing and the quality will ultimately be affected.  Take advantage of periods when words are flowing freely and use this time to write more than one post scheduling ahead for later use.

3.  Be Prepared

One thing which really helps me is to think ahead about subjects I want or need to write about.  Coming up with the subject of the post can often be the hardest part of the battle.  Once you have that pre-arranged then the words can follow.

4.  Research Your Field

Research will also help – read other blogs or sites similar to that of yours to get ideas.  A post on a similar subject may just inspire you to write about something which had previously escaped your attention.

5.  Use Your Audience

Do not be afraid to reach out to your readers and ask for advice to help you move ahead.  Ask them what they would like to read – they may have some questions which you could consider answering in your posts or they may need help with a particular aspect which could inspire a post or even a series of posts.  Reach out to your readership using Facebook, Twitter and your blog to widen your research avenues.

6.  Minimise distractions

Distractions need to be minimised when writing – it is important that your mobile phone is switched off and all social networking sites and emails are closed.  Keep background noise to a minimum and turn off the television.  Trying to write while multi-tasking with your social life or in the middle of your favourite television program will not help one iota.

Writing like anything else requires a discipline of sorts however at the same time keep it as flexible and fun as possible.  Good luck!

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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