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Today’s digital lifestyle has brought a massive change in various aspects of human life. Not only our has dependency on digital platforms increased, but even the routine activities are now hinged to it. For example, eLearning has brought a drastic shift in the education system, offering convenience and comfort. Digital media has enabled millions of people to connect and widen their horizons of knowledge.

Moreover, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning systems are now the driving force of education.

Following are some of the aspects of the emerging eLearning system:

What is eLearning?

eLearning, also known as electronic learning, is training and learning using digitized resources and technology. It is formalized learning through electronic devices, like computers, cellular phones, and tablets, using internet connection. It has enabled the users to learn with no restrictions of place or time.

What are the types of e-learning system models?

There are various eLearning system models like:

  1. Computer Managed Learning (CML) – It uses a computer to assess and manage the learning process. It involves setting up the databases of the learner’s information to learn and rank parameters.
  2. Computer-Assisted Instructions (CAI) – It uses interactive/training software for the learners. The software includes multimedia content like graphics, audio, text, quizzes, videos, etc., which smoothens learning.
  3. Synchronous Online Learning- You can learn the same thing at a specific time from anywhere in the world. You can also interact with each other and the instructor.
  4. Asynchronous Online Learning- Learners study individually and aren’t connected. There is no particular schedule to follow with other learners. They can instead decide their own pace and schedule as per their convenience.
  5. Adaptive E-learning- Each learner has personalized study material suitable to his/her level. The study material is developed after analyzing diverse parameters like the learner’s goals, skills, and scale.  

What are the benefits of the eLearning system?

eLearning systems have a lot of benefits to offer which contribute to their increasing popularity:

  1. Cost-effective- Traditional training and learning are usually expensive and difficult to maintain. In eLearning, you don’t need printed study material, which saves the printing costs. You can easily change the content via your LMS rather than printing and distributing the updated material.
  2. Saves time- It is easy to communicate the changes or updates amongst the employees through eLearning by adding quickly to the LMS. This saves you time on the reprints. Learners can also access the content as per their need, rather than depend on the training.
  3. Improves performance and productivity- Learners can participate in the training at their convenience, which leads to greater productivity and improved performance. This flexibility motivates them to attain their professional goals.
  4. Lower environmental impact- eLearning allows building an environmental-friendly and sustainable workplace by providing an alternative to paper-based learning.

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