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Every hour spent on admin, you’re missing an hour with a client.

Our team know how to streamline tasks and help your business maximize its potential. Find a way to hand over the reigns and let us do the administrative work for you. With cloud-based technology and online systems, we can support you with a range of tasks. Using cloud-based technology and online systems, we can support you with a wide range of back office and operational tasks.

Project Management

Entrepreneurs are expected to have many projects on the go at the same time. Sometimes, it can be difficult to harness the creativity into efficiency. We ensure that every project is moving forward and that delays are minimal. We can be involved as little or as much as you need.

Simple Bookkeeping

We keep you organised no matter what manual or online accounting system you prefer. We can issue invoices, track payments, follow up overdue accounts, enter expenses, file all paperwork on your behalf, and have it all ready to pass onto your accountant.

Adhoc Admin

Whether it is formatting a document, creating a presentation, or sorting an event, we have got you covered. Hiring a VA is a small investment that reaps massive reward. It allows you to focus on growing your business by freeing up hours that would be spent on menial tasks. 

What is business administration? Business administration includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations. It is time that clients are not paying you for. It’s a required expense, but like all expenses, it needs to be minimised.

A recent survey found that 36% of Managers spend in the range of 3-4 hours per day on administrative tasks. Results of the survey concluded that one of the most overlooked areas for business efficiency is Managers time. For solo business owners who don’t have the luxury of delegating even the smallest tasks to assistants – this is even more true.

Trying to do everything yourself is not good business. This often results in the neglection of administrative tasks and can even lead to burnout. 

There is a better way!

Our team know just how to juggle important tasks and clear your to-do list with ease and efficiency. We have the training and tools required to streamline tasks and lift the burden on your shoulders.

Smart advice and steady support that I can count on.

I’ve been using Bauhinia to support my business since 2013.

They are always by my side as I implement marketing strategies or administrative changes. In particular, they helped me do a website overhaul that has made a significant difference to my business. They provide smart advice and steady support that I can count on.

Angela Spaxman

Executive Coach,

Our work together has enhanced the image of my company!

I started working with Nicole in 2015 and it has been such a pleasure working with her and the team at Bauhinia Solutions; I can confidently say that our work together has definitely enhanced the professional image of my company.

I would highly recommended their services to any small-medium company looking for high-quality business support.

Sonia Samtani


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Established in 2007, Bauhinia Solutions is a boutique virtual business support agency with a team of dedicated and experienced business specialists, administrators, and virtual assistants.

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