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7 Tips To Maintaining your Computer Hardware

Did you know that how your computer runs depends on more than how much RAM you have? Did you know there’s more to it than the type of software you use? Did you know that just by maintaining your computer hardware you can improve the speed and performance of your computer? It’s true, and by following the tips below, you could find you have a faster, more effective computer that could save you money in efficiency and expensive and unnecessary software.

  1. When making your initial computer purchase, ensure you have a good strong CPU (Central Processing Unit – the hardware within the computer that executes the computers instructions).
  2. Clean the computer case every two weeks to remove dust. Left unaddressed, the dust can cause heat increases in your computer, putting the CPU and circuitry under undue stress.
  3. Clean your mouse every three months by removing the roller ball and cleaning the inside with a cotton tip dipped in alcohol solution (methylated spirits works well). Remove any scum from the roller ball by wiping over with alcohol solution prior to reassembling the mouse.
  4. Ensure your computer has a high quality fan and clean fans every three months by removing the side or top of the case and vacuuming gently with a venetian brush head.
  5. Increase the number of fans if necessary, especially over the warmer months. Install a separate fan for your graphic card if it doesn’t already have one.
  6. Ensure you have adequate room around your computer system so that the air can circulate. Also ensure it is not against something that produces heat and that it isn’t against a window.
  7. Be extra careful with power boards, using only those boards with surge protection. Ensure you have lightning protection through your telephone line.

These few simple steps could make a big difference to your computer’s performance, in turn making your time on the computer more effective.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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