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5 Tips To Improve Your Graphic Design Experience

Dealing with graphic designers can be a complicated process if you are not prepared for what needs to be done.  Here are five tips to aid your graphic design process, which will ensure the interaction between your organisation and your designer remains smooth and trouble free.

1. Know What You Want

Creating something without having any idea of what you want or how you want it to be set out can prolong the task as well as add extra costs to your marketing material budget.  It is wise to have done some basic research on the topic prior to contacting your designer.

2. Be Clear With Your Communication

Once you have established what your requirements are, it is essential that you are clear with your instructions.  Know what you want and pass on your ideas and thoughts with clarity.

3. Be Clear On Your Budget

Know what your budget for your logo or brochure may be and compare that to the charge of the designer.  The invoice, like any other bill, is not up for negotiation and will need to be paid promptly especially in terms of any deposit which may need to be paid upfront.

4. Be Organised

Be organised from your point of view.  Have your examples, images and pictures ready to supply to the designer.  Know your colours, your likes and dislikes and present them to your designer early in the piece so as not to hold up any of the design aspects.

5. Notify Your Designer of Your Time frame

Let the designer know what your expected time frame for the work to be done is and confirm how long they think the task may take.  Once you are aware of your designer’s needs then the job will proceed without you having to continuously question the completion date of the task.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, I hope that your next design experience is enjoyable and pain free.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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