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5 Other Popular Social Media Platforms for Business

Social Media. It is all the rage and you may be wondering what you can do beyond Facebook and LinkedIn. The answer – it depends on your business and what works well for you. Here’s the rundown of a few more popular social media platforms.

1. Pinterest – you are a creator. Your business makes or designs things – Pinterest is an excellent way to showroom your wares and ideas, as well as link other interesting and relevant Creatives. Whatever your artistic medium – a Pinterest idea needs to be visual.

2. Instagram – are photos your thing? Or even a part of your thing? Do you travel for your business or go to interesting places? Whatever your business, can you make a statement through photography? If so, Instagram is for you.

3. Twitter – this is often one of the toughest decisions for people to make, namely because Twitter gets so much publicity and it is so very powerful. Let me make this easy for you… Are you willing to actively work IN social media for two 30 minute sessions or more per day, and are you willing to check in on Twitter multiple times through the day? If the answer is no, then Twitter is not for you. In fact, don’t even bother. Twitter is powerful because of its real time nature, the swell of engagement, and the wave of response. Think of it like a party where lots of people are talking and you are actively mingling. Would you hop in and out of circles while someone is speaking or would you ask a question and then just walk away? Of course not. Twitter is a constant cocktail party and no one wants talk to you if you either have no manners or simply aren’t present.

4. YouTube – LOVE YouTube. Demo anything. Hop on your soapbox and talk. Host an online course or training video. Or create a video ad. If you can express it over coffee, you can make a video of it. Videos can be embedded into your web pages and shared through all other social media. Video is also almost 70% more effective than writing… dangit, maybe I should have just made a video of this article?

5. Google+ – Do it. Now. You are already doing Facebook, so get on Google+. Replicate all of your actions and posts – they work very similarly. Google is also giving preferential search rankings to businesses with active Google+ pages, so it is a great way to boost your SEO. Circles help keep your business, family, and social life from overlapping more than you wish they did on other social media channels. And, with other helpful features like Google Hangouts that can act as webinars/group conferencing you may even find that Google+ can help you cut back on some other paid services you may be using.

So, decide what is right for you and get on it!

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If you’re struggling to get started with your social media marketing, organise a call with Nicole to find out how we can help you develop and implement a social media marketing strategy, that showcases your brand on the platform, that’s right for you.

Written by: Nicole Graham


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