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5 Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

According to LinkedIn Statistics, the number of users has now reached 467 million. Not surprising considering that every second, two new members join LinkedIn. Approximately 60% of companies have created 4 million business pages in total of which, 81% launched their new products or services through Linkedin. Statistics show that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn and 94% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute content. It’s clear that LinkedIn is a growing platform not just for individuals but also businesses. Apart from the staggering numbers, here are 5 benefits of a LinkedIn business page:

1. Share Content and Expand your Reach
In a world where social media is rising in popularity, solely having a website to connect with your target market just isn’t enough. LinkedIn is an interactive platform that allows individuals from all over the world, who are interested in your business to follow, comment and share your posts and activities. This is a sure way to increase your global reach and attract audiences from all over the world.

2. “Word of Mouth” Marketing
Having a LinkedIn company page to showcase your company and its products and services, legitimizes the business in the eyes of a potential client. Having clients recommend your products or provide testimonials of good service, further promotes your company. Once a client provides a recommendation, it can become visible to their connections who could visit your business page if they are interested in a similar service.

3: Grow your Network
LinkedIn allows you to connect with people from all over the world. Adding business connections to your LinkedIn page will not only grow your network but you can also leverage these connections to make new ones. If you are trying to connect with individuals for a business lead, they may be more likely to accept your invitation if they see a shared connection. Thanks to LinkedIn’s powerful search function, you can easily look for individuals from any business.

4. Attract Top Talent
More often than not, job seekers will turn to professional sites such as LinkedIn. Companies can publish job adverts and attract top talent in the relevant fields. Your HR Team can also use LinkedIn and narrow down their searches based on the required skill set. Features such as InMail allow them to directly reach out to the candidates and share the job posting. Having a company page allows the candidate to learn more about the products and services, work culture and see what employees currently work there. On the flip-side, company’s can reach out to existing connections of their staff when looking for people with a similar skill set.

5. Gather Analytics and Information:
Following competitors LinkedIn pages will give you insight on what changes are happening in the market, what products are being introduced and what content is being appreciated by visitors to the page. Using this information, you can develop your company page and highlight what makes you stand out from your competitors and create tailored content. LinkedIn also provides useful analytics on every post that is published. Using these analytics, you can determine what kind of information your network is interested in and publish more of the same.

A well-managed company LinkedIn page can help you to establish your business as a trusted entity on a global scale. You can easily network, add new connections and grow your network through referrals for quality sales lead. Sharing relevant information, tailoring your content and maintaining recommendations and testimonials will show a high level of professionalism of your organization and will not only attract talent but also potential clients.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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