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10 Web Browsing Tricks

Ever heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”

Well I am here to prove that old adage wrong. While I prefer not to call myself an ‘old dog’, I have been at this computer game for a while and pride myself on my deft keyboard skills.
That’s why I found it surprising that I was not aware of some of the newer web browsing tricks published by Techspot.

Now I’ve mastered them, I feel it is my duty to share the knowledge.

Here they are, along with some old faithful’s.

1. Jump to Address Bar: There are a few ways to jump right to the address bar from anywhere in your browser. Pressing Ctrl + L, F6, and Alt + D all get you where you want to be.

2. Automatically add www. and .com to a URL: Save time typing in a URL by simply clicking Ctrl + Enter after you type the name of the site. Need .net instead of .com? Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter instead.

3. Cycle Through Open Tabs: Pressing Ctrl + Tab while in a browser will flip between each one (Ctrl + Shift + Tab to go backwards). This can be much faster than moving the mouse and clicking on a tab. Ctrl + Num (1, 2, 3, 4, n..) will also take you to certain tab in that numeric order. Ctrl + 9 always brings you to the very last tab, even if it’s beyond the ninth one.

4. Instant Image Search (Chrome Only): If you hold down the “S” key and right click on an image, it will open an image search on a new tab.

5. Go Incognito: Pressing Ctrl + Shift + N will launch a new private in Chrome, Ctrl + Shift + P will do it in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

6. Convert Your Browser into a Notepad: Type this into the address bar and you can write notes. Alternatively, while not as fast. Use Google Keep or Gmail’s compose mail to write notes and have those saved on the cloud as you type and go.

7. Icon-Only Bookmarks on Your Toolbar: You can delete the name of your bookmarks leaving only the icon so they take up less space on the toolbar. In Chrome: right click the bookmark > edit > delete the name and save.

8. Copy Links Quicker: Right click the link like usual but tap E on your keyboard to copy the link.

9. Zoom In, Reset Zoom: Use the browser magnifier to adjust a website for more comfortable reading. Ctrl/Cmd + (plus/minus sign) does the trick. To reset to the default zoom level use Ctrl + 0.

10. Scroll Through Pages with the Spacebar: Tapping the spacebar on a website will scroll down in full page chunks and hitting shift + space will take you back up.

There you have it! Try these tricks out and let us know which ones you already knew, and which ones are new to you.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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