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10 Things A Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

As many small business owners know or will eventually come to realise, there is one word that features prominently in their vocabulary – and that word is “outsourcing”.  Unless you feel the need to be tied down to your business 24/7, outsourcing at least part of your workload is essential to allow your business to thrive.

Seeking virtual assistance in the form of a contractor, secretary or Virtual Assistant (VA) is certainly not a new thing to do however it is only recently that small or micro business have started to see the benefit that comes with this decision.

Here are 10 things a Virtual Assistant can take on:

1. General Typing

Thanks to email, scanners and Dictaphone machines, typing can be done from anywhere in the world and then emailed directly to your inbox.

2. Social Media

With the value of marketing via social media coming to the forefront, many businesses are understanding the importance of outsourcing such a function as this to keep clients up to date with their day to day activities.

3. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a popular service to outsource particularly if you have no knowledge of basic accounts or bookkeeping services.

4. Blogging

Regular blog posts enables a company to raise their profile when it comes to search engine status.  Due to the time consuming element of blogging, the value of virtual assistance in this area is well worth the cost.

5. Customer Service

Maintaining quality customer service is imperative to ensure smooth management of an organisation.  A VA is able to respond quickly to any enquiries giving you time to focus on other less administrative based tasks.

6. Online Store Management

Running an online store single handedly is not easy.  As a business grows, so is the need for assistance in this area.

7. Data Entry

This kind of work allows for the culmination of reports which can be of particular value to a business.

8. Personal Assistant Services

Imagine having your own PA on call and only paying for their services as and when required.  A win-win situation for all involved.

9. Managing Email

In this electronic age, we can be bombarded by unnecessary emails.  A VA is able to read and reply to emails on your behalf.

10. Booking Travel

Think travel and it can easily become overly complicated involving itineraries, flights, car hire, accommodation and visas to name a few.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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