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10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

There are many qualities that can make someone a successful assistant, but some key attributes include being able to work independently, having excellent organizational skills, and being able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

In this age of technological growth, combined with the almost overnight remote work space culture that was borne from a global pandemic, many people have gotten used to working in different physical spaces to their colleagues and employees.

Executive assistants used to be the face outside the office door, but these days, it is just as likely that the assistant is sitting in a completely different location to their employer. Despite the geographical distance, there is little to no effect on the quality of work produced. In fact, this distance offers great benefits. Some of which, we will discuss in this post. Here are our top 10 benefits of hiring a virtual assistant (VA):

1. Increased Productivity

An assistant who is working remotely, is not bothered by other co-workers, distractions in the office or idle chatter. They are away from the chaos that many busy offices can be characterised by, and are able to take care of tasks that might otherwise land on your desk.

A remote assistant can work in quiet and without distraction. This increases their own productivity as well as yours as they can complete tasks that would otherwise take up your time and prevent you from being productive.

2. Reduced Stress

Working smart, not hard, is the mantra of our age. By outsourcing administrative tasks and having someone else take care of them, you may be able to reduce your overall stress levels.

Often, it is not the nature of the work that causes us stress, but the overall volume. If you are able to share the load with a virtual assistant, you are better able to direct your attention to the pressing, more creative tasks that will facilitate the growth of your business.

3. Increased Flexibility

Employing full time staff members requires office space, training, lengthy contractual agreements, employee benefits and an HR team. Having a remote assistant, and especially through a virtual assistant agency, gives you more flexibility, in terms of the hours they work and what skill set you require them to have.

4. Cost Effective

Many small businesses do not need full time administrative assistance. A few hours a day or a week is often sufficient. A remote assistant can often be hired to fill in the gaps where needed at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

5. Easier to Find Qualified Help

With the rise of remote working, it is becoming easier and easier to find qualified assistants who are willing to work remotely. With Covid-19 forcing many people to work at home, there is a broad range of highly skilled individuals from all different industry backgrounds that could add significant value to your business in an administrative role.

6. Happier Employees

Remote assistants are often happier than those who worked in an office setting. Working remotely allows employees to have more control over their work schedule and they are able to agree to hours that work best for them and their employer. They also have more flexibility to take time off when they need it and can work from anywhere. This increased flexibility and control leads to a greater sense of autonomy and mastery, which are key drivers of happiness. Happier employees are more productive employees.

7. More Discretion

There are many reasons why people might choose to hire remote assistants, but one of the big benefits is that it allows for a high degree of discretion. This is especially important for people who work with highly sensitive information. For example, remote assistants can take on tasks like bookkeeping or transcription without having to worry about anyone in the office catching glimpses or overhearing. This level of discretion is something that’s hard to come by in a traditional office setting.

8. No Office Space Required

Not only do Remote Assistants provide a more cost-effective option than hiring traditional employees, but they also don’t require office space. This means that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the benefits that come with having a remote assistant. This is a major plus for businesses that are expanding rapidly or have limited office space. With a remote assistant, businesses can save on the cost of renting office space and buying equipment and furniture.

9. Global Talent Pool

Remote assistants can also be a great solution for businesses that have employees located in different parts of the country or world. By hiring a remote assistant, businesses can tap into a global talent pool and find the best possible candidates for the job.

10. Easier Hiring Process

One of the best things about hiring a remote assistant is that the process is very simple. You can find qualified assistants by going through a reputable agency. Often, all the vetting, interviews and training will be handled by the agency.

Agencies like Bauhinia Solutions specialise in sourcing the best virtual assistants who are able to offer well rounded, outsourced support to coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and service-oriented teams.

They offer flexible assistance customised for each client, and the work they do varies from email and diary management, to managing your email marketing and website updates.

Bauhinia Solutions can alleviate business owners stress and overwhelming to-do-list, by finding the right virtual assistant to do any repetitive, client-focused, administration, and marketing work.

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Written by: Nicole Graham


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