Meet Lauren Fletcher

Lauren Fletcher

Client Manager / Marketing Professional

Bauhinia Solutions | Start Smart Website

Lauren Fletcher supports a cross-section of entrepreneurs in a variety of industries who sell consumer products.

Lauren is an experienced Digital Marketing Professional who enjoys the creative elements of drafting posts to driving engagement online. As an ambitious and multi-passionate professional, Lauren is adaptable and highly capable of moving between the creative tasks and the administrative ones. Having worked in luxury fashion and marketing, she has developed an outstanding skills-set in customer care and interpersonal relations. Her previous roles have needed Lauren to have strong organisational skills as well as an analytical mind.

While her interests are broad, Lauren is proactive with her support and enjoys finding solutions to problems.  Starting her career in property, Lauren has thrived in environments where she was able to develop in her role and work collaboratively for better results. From organising home viewings, to fashion runway shows, to managing social media accounts, Lauren enjoys the diversity of working with multiple clients, especially those selling B2C.

Lauren enjoys tasks that involve planning, organisation, and increasing brand awareness, particular where it relates to social media marketing. She also enjoys working with WordPress – editing content, scheduling blog posts, updating software and applying search engine optimisation strategies.

Some of Lauren’s career highlights are:

  • Decreased marketing spend by boosting social media following and engagement with creative campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • Building a charity partnership whereby a portion of the company sales was donated to Medical Detection Dogs in the UK.
  • Working on a collection launch for a leading bridal and red carpet dress designer, with the launch being hosted at Belmond Le Manoir, a Raymond Blanc’s hotel and restaurant.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Bioscience from The University Of Liverpool in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Lauren grew up in the UK, spent a year working and living in Hong Kong, before relocating back to the UK.


Areas of Expertise

  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Pay-per-click Ads
  • Content Creation 
  • Written Communication 

Software and Systems

  • Facebook Ads Manager 
  • Instagram
  • MailChimp
  • Canva 
  • Google Adwords

The Inside Scoop:

  • Before starting university, Lauren worked as a snowboard instructor in Banff, Canada, where she achieved an advanced level certification.
  • Lauren majored in Zoology and while there was a lot of animal related subjects, there were equal amounts of communication subjects, which allowed her to explore other career opportunities outside of the competitive zoology industry.
  • Lauren has contributed over 2,000 hours of volunteer time to charities. These include The National Trust where she worked in the historical costume department, hosting tours and workshops for members of the public, and for Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, a local eco-education charity where she ran classes on sustainability and animal husbandry for a wide range of visitor groups. She also frequently acted as an ambassador for the charity, working with local and national print and television media.
  • As an animal lover, Lauren has volunteered with various rescue organisations in the UK, and is currently one of the carers at the cat sanctuary for Kirsten’s Zoo. She also has a particular interest in primatology, and spent time in Uganda, studying some of the country’s rarest monkeys and apes.

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