Association Management

Association Management

Many associations, networking groups, industry groups and societies are run by volunteers, who often lack time to manage the day-to-day operational details of their organisation. The need for effective professional management is critical if the association is to grow.

This is where our Association Management services can help. By utilising our service you work with skilled professionals who provides specialised administrative services to professional associations and societies in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Every association is unique and therefore, we listen to your needs and design custom solutions that align with those needs.

Our Association Management includes:

Event Organisation

We’ll manage the process from the beginning to the end, if that’s what you need. This could include creating promotional materials, managing registrations, and organising speakers or volunteers.

Membership Management

Membership management can vary based on the organisation. Some of the responsibilities include membership database management, payment collection, liaising with members, and directory management.



Board Support

Each board or committee has different needs from general administrative duties to preparation of meeting materials. We’re happy to assist in any way, including financial management, reporting and website maintenance.

Case Study: Advertisers Newsletter for Industry Group

Upon assessing the existing process, we proposed to change their advertising approach in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Streamline to one advertising newsletter per week with multiple advertisements (they had been sending an advertising email daily and were receiving a number of complaints from their members).
  • Stage 2: Streamline the fees to offer a discount for bulk advertisements that could be used throughout the year.

We implemented Stage 1 at the beginning of the year, and increased their advertising revenue by 151%. Stage 2 was implemented 12 months later and at the end of July, we had increased the revenue by another 66%. Unsubscribes rates and complaints were a thing of the past.

Curious To Know More?

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