Meet Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis

Client Manager / Human Resources

With more than 10 years’ experience in Human Resources and Compensation/Recognition, Anna Lewis is highly experienced in researching and understanding what motivates people. She is also a qualified Counsellor, trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has worked with a wide variety of clients including children with special needs during her time in Singapore.

However, what makes Anna a truly special part of the Bauhinia team is how she brings her broad knowledge of psychology together with her deep understanding of ‘what makes people tick’ to create exceptional quality Social Media content with which people truly engage.

A keen eye for design and a fluency across social platforms also enable Anna to design detailed social stories across channels, and seamlessly switch between the voice, tone, and banding of various clients. She is a skilled and accomplished Social Media chameleon, and a source of knowledge and guidance for the team as a whole.

Some of Anna’s career highlights are:

  • Her career shows a love of helping others and one of her goals was to complete a Masters in Counselling which she did with flying colours. Anna then went on to work within a hospital setting, private Psychology Clinic and at an Integrated School in Singapore, where she found her love of working with children who needed that extra helping hand.
  • Considers herself fortunate to work in many different roles and environments.

Anna holds a Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology from Oxford Brookes University in the UK, and a Masters in Counselling from Swinburne University in Melbourne.

Anna loves to be working on websites, blogs, creating and curating social media content, research and creating image designs for clients that reflect and market their business.  She ultimate goal is to support her clients so they can grow their business to reach it’s true potential and becomes passionately involved in her clients businesses.

As you might expect, Anna’s Bauhinia Clients include Coaches, Counsellors, and Schools and she draws on her knowledge from her corporate background, her career in counselling and from working within a school setting to provide her clients with the support the require.


The Inside Scoop:

Here’s a few things about Anna’s life that you won’t find in her bio.

  • Anna would love to write a children’s book and is already thinking of some ideas.
  • During her time in Asia, she discovered her love of the world underwater through Scuba Diving and is always on Turtle watch!
  • Anna also has a love of all things furry and from a young age was often seen on holiday trotting off to feed the stray dogs and cats (much to her parent’s dismay) and this continues too today with her rather needy Hong Kong rescue dog who now keeps her company in her office.
  • Having spent 7 years in Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong), she lives in the UK.

Curious To Know More?

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