Meet Amy Hainsworth

Amy Hainsworth

Client Manager & Service Professional

Amy Hainsworth supports a cross-section of women entrepreneurs in the coaching, training and creative industries.

Whether it’s housing the homeless or helping give underprivileged children the true ice hockey experience, Amy is Bauhinia’s beacon of positivity and light. Throughout her professional career within the community and social welfare sectors, Amy has honed her administrative, organisational and communication skills using a variety of technologies and platforms. Methodical and well-organised, she thrives in a flexible and mindful work environment.

A big-picture thinker, Amy has had the opportunity to successfully pursue her own vision for a new non-profit program, growing it from infancy, building new and maintaining existing partnerships. Her success demonstrated her ability to prioritise multiple projects and deadlines. A strong believer in strength-based and collaborative team building, she has led diverse teams to a common goal through seeking out skills and talents within individuals and teams.

As a self-proclaimed organisational nerd, Amy revels in tasks that involve documenting policies and procedures, filing and system organisation, and formatting/designing documents and presentations. She also enjoys working with WordPress – editing content, scheduling blog posts, updating software and applying search engine optimisation strategies.

Some of Amy’s career highlights are:

  • Through a new partnership between the University of Calgary and Calgary Homeless Foundation Amy completed a ‘Working with Homeless Populations’ certificate.
  • While in an experimental role she created a Housing Advocate Program that eventually blossomed into a citywide program.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Applied Nonprofit Studies from Mount Royal University in Alberta, Canada and has earned a number of mental-health related certifications including PTSD, Non-violent Crisis, and Suicide Prevention.

Amy grew up in Canada and now lives in Hong Kong.

The Inside Scoop:

  • Although Amy grew up sandwiched between the Rocky Mountains and the prairies, she proclaims she is the worst Canadian you’ll meet! She does not like snow or snow-related activities and she does not know how to skate, play hockey or curl!
  • Amy reads a lot – and tries to read 30 – 50 books a year. She’ll count the occasional audiobook but tries to stick to having the physical book or use an e-reader.
  • Amy is part of two book clubs full-time and one additional more casual book club. She loves the community that develops around avid readers and even holds an annual retreat for one club to further build traditions and relationships.
  • After travelling through Zambia, Amy bungee jumped off the bridge over Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe. She also loves living high up in apartment buildings!
  • Amy loves the outdoors and green spaces but strangely can’t seem to keep a houseplant alive for more than 3 weeks.

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